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MYSB Online Offers

Digital First Products
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Savings with flexibility

Earn a higher rate, while still having access to your money.


13 Month No Penalty CD

5.00% APY*

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Money Market Account

4.00% APY**

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Certificates of Deposit

Guarantee your rate with one of our various terms.


18 Month CD

5.10% APY*

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36 Month CD

4.70% APY*

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60 Month CD

4.31% APY*

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Higher rates through our Digital First Bank

Opening an account with M.Y. Safra Bank gives you an opportunity to watch your money grow at a competitive rate, offering one of the top Annual Percentage Yields in the market+, with just a few clicks, taking less than 3 minutes to open. You can have peace of mind with FDIC insurance, offering you the security your account deserves.


Opening an account with M.Y. Safra is quick and simple.  We just need a few pieces of information such as your name, home address and Social Security number.  There may be some cases in which we will need additional documentation, which can easily be uploaded right through our site.

When opening your account online you will be presented with two options to fund your account.

On our funding page you can choose to log into your existing online account at another financial institution and transfer funds directly to your new M.Y. Safra Account. These transfers are managed through our funding partner, Plaid. Plaid employs advanced security and encryption protocols to protect your data.

Another funding option offered is a manual ACH transfer. To assure accurate processing of this type of transaction, M.Y. Safra Bank will require you to provide a copy of your identification and a recent bank statement or a voided check from the account you are using to fund the new deposit.

Both can be added at the end of the account opening process on the onboarding page that provides you with your account information.  If you missed this option, you can go back to your application by signing in to the account opening platform, as an existing customer and select the account you wish to update.  

MYSB Direct Certificates of Deposit Accounts

Account Term Interest Rate Annual Percentage Yield (APY)* Minimum Deposit
3 Month Online CD 3.20% 3.25% $500
6 Month Online CD 5.04% 5.16% $500
9 Month Online CD 5.08% 5.20% $500
12 Month Online CD 5.08% 5.20% $500
18 Month Online CD 4.99% 5.10% $500
24 Month Online CD 4.75% 4.85% $500
36 Month Online CD 4.60% 4.70% $500
48 Month Online CD 4.12% 4.20% $500
60 Month Online CD 4.23% 4.31% $500
13 Month No-Penalty CD 4.89% 5.00% $5,000

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MYSB Direct Money Market

Balance Interest Rate Annual Percentage Yield (APY)**
$0 up to $4,999.99 0.00% 0.00%
$5,000 up to $250,000 3.93% 4.00%

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All Rates Subject to Change Daily- Effective as of June 11, 2024. 

* For CDs, the APY assumes monthly compounding of interest and that funds will remain on deposit until maturity.
Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of the above effective date and applies to US Citizens and Resident Aliens depositing new funds into consumer accounts only. Website rates are generally updated each week. APY may be changed at any time without prior notice.
A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal of principal with the exception of the No-Penalty CD product (see product disclosure for further details). Fees may reduce earnings. APY assumes interest earned is kept in the CD for the full term.
For No-Penalty CD products - Early withdrawal of funds without penalty is permitted up to two times. The third withdrawal request will result in the closure of the account. You may not withdraw the principal amount of a No-Penalty CD for the first six (6) days following the date on which the account was funded or within six days of the most recent partial withdrawal. $5,000 minimum balance to earn stated APY for No-Penalty CD. We reserve the right to treat any withdrawal which would reduce the balance remaining in the account below the required minimum balance of $5,000 as a close-out of the account. Funds currently on deposit with M.Y. Safra Bank do not qualify for the No-Penalty CD products.

**For MYSB Direct Money Market Accounts, APY — Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of the above effective date. Interest Rates for the Money Market account are variable and may change at any time without prior notice. Fees may reduce earnings. You must maintain a minimum average daily balance of $5,000.00 in the account to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield. The average daily balance that falls below $5,000 are applicable to a $10 monthly fee. Enforcement of a limit on the number of transactions per month is suspended until further notice.

National Average obtained from https://www.bankrate.com/cd.aspx.