• Transfer funds seamlessly
  • Deliver a remarkable user experience
  • Access customized reports
  • Analyze all aspects of a transaction

Gain a competitive edge with real-time payment processing

For M.Y. Safra Bank, it’s imperative to meet our partners’ ever-evolving business tech needs. As a trusted institution built on innovative and emerging technology, we provide complete strategic solutions to support our partners in the rapidly expanding payments industry.
M.Y. Safra Bank ensures a customized instrument that meets your specific business model. The results are client-specific solutions that help your business grow and manage risk. Tailored services include domestic and international wire processing, ACHs, and internal transfers within the institution’s existing ecosystem of clients.

Empower your company with our direct-payment solutions that deliver speed and efficiency for funds transfers. Our secure FPIs (File Protocol Interfaces) allow clients to process high volume transactions in real time.

With an extensive understanding of the regulatory compliance of FinTech, payment processing, money service businesses and the digital assets space, we serve as a resource for clients in responsibly scaling their businesses.

M.Y. Safra Bank works with partners across various functions including payment processing, mobile payments, digital cryptocurrencies, and foreign exchange.
Digital Assets
M.Y. Safra Bank has been at the forefront of digital asset banking. As such, we are able to provide a comprehensive array of services for digital asset entities, cryptocurrency exchanges, institutional investors, hedge funds, and others. 
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