Securities Custody

  • Allows for secure growth and liquidity
  • Increases returns on idle cash

Safeguarding valuable assets

M.Y. Safra Bank's distinguished reputation as a custodian of U.S. government treasuries provides clients with the assurance and reliability they seek.
As with all Private Banking services, M.Y. Safra Bank’s unique custody services are comprehensive and tailored to its clients’ specific financial position.

At a client’s request, the Bank will purchase, sell, and transfer U.S. government treasuries. Securities are custodied by M.Y. Safra Bank with interest and principal payments remitted to a designated client account with the Bank. Clients receive trade confirmations, monthly custody statements, and other detailed reports as requested.
Securities are not deposits or obligations of, insured or guaranteed by M.Y. Safra Bank, FSB (MYSB), are not insured by the FDIC or any agency of the United States, and involve investment risk, that may possibly lose value.
Currencies & Precious Metals
Whether for international travel or alternative investment, M.Y. Safra Bank’s currency conversion and precious metal options help you prepare for your global adventures and capture the advantages of gold’s sustained value.
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