Lending Services

  • Flexible, custom, and distinct service
  • Leverage equity without liquidating assets
  • Preserve cash or assets for future use
M.Y. Safra Bank recognizes that additional capital and the availability of credit can be an integral component of a client’s financial plan. As such, the Bank’s team of credit specialists are adept at tailoring credit options to fit your asset mix.
Client relationships are at the core of our Private Banking philosophy and fuel our approach to credit design. Our credit specialists work together with executive management to ensure that M.Y. Safra Bank is able to evaluate and accommodate the particular nature of your collateral.

Whether looking to take advantage of potential opportunities or preserve cash for future use, M.Y. Safra Bank’s Private Banking lending services applies a relationship-based approach.
Deposit Services
M.Y. Safra Bank appreciates the intricate financial needs of its established global clientele. In turn, its Private Banking team commits to accommodating every level of complexity, ensuring discretion and privacy.
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