Cash Management

  • Relationship-based pricing
  • Convenient securities custody
  • Funds transfer and bill payment services
  • Spending limits by amount, vendor type, and location
Private Banking clients of M.Y. Safra Bank benefit from a breadth of offerings, backed by industry-leading technology, to facilitate their daily cash management.
At M.Y. Safra Bank, expense management or wire and ACH payments are simple. Transferring funds online or automatic bill pay can be easily facilitated with the help of the Private Banking team. Whether initiating an international wire or a domestic ACH, either a Private Banker or the Bank’s online platform can make money transmission seamless. M.Y. Safra Bank’s state of the art online banking is yet another resource to assist clients in accessing the full capabilities of the Bank.

Whether overseeing multiple properties, employees, or family members, M.Y. Safra Bank simplifies the management of multiple accounts with different levels of access. Funds can be segregated appropriately to grant individuals restricted access to specific accounts while allowing full access to others. Optional debit cards can be distributed with pre-specified limitations such as by transaction, type, or geographic area.

For those who seek highly liquid banking products, such as short-term CDs, the Bank’s teams of Private Bankers work with clients to ensure such needs are met. In addition, Private Banking clients have the distinct ability to purchase U.S. government treasuries. These securities are custodied by M.Y. Safra Bank with interest and principal payments remitted to a designated client account with the Bank. Clients receive trade confirmations, monthly custody statements, and other detailed reports as requested.
Securities Custody
M.Y. Safra Bank's distinguished reputation as custodian of government- and agency-issued instruments, including U.S. treasuries and agency mortgage-backed securities, provides assurance you seek.
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