Online Banking

  • Monitor and categorize your account activity
  • Pay bills and transfer funds easily
  • Mail checks with a couple clicks
  • Access monthly e-statements and forms
Powerful, secure and easy to use, M.Y. Safra Bank’s online banking platform puts you in control of robust tools to access and manage your accounts at any time.
We recognize that with a busy life, normal business hours no longer exist. The ability to efficiently take care of tasks when your schedule allows is paramount. M.Y. Safra Bank has therefore designed an online banking platform with industry-leading technology, making it simpler than ever to manage all aspects of your accounts and reclaim valuable time.
Account Activity – M.Y. Safra Bank’s online platform makes it easy to quickly and conveniently access detailed account information including your real-time balance, recent expenses and interest earned.
Expense Categorization - Take advantage of this online banking feature to categorize your transactions and gain a clear understanding of where your money is being spent. Download your results to a report which details your overall expense activity for a given period.

Financial Alerts – Become more in control by creating custom financial alerts to let you know when your balance has exceeded or fallen below a predetermined threshold, a check has cleared, or an electronic funds transfer has been completed.

WebConnect™ – M.Y. Safra Bank provides Express WebConnect™ as a service allowing you to easily integrate your account and transaction activity with your preferred accounting software including Quicken® or QuickBooks™.

Recurring Transfers – Achieving your savings goals becomes easier when you set up recurring internal transfers allowing you to easily move funds between accounts. Establish an amount that you want save at any frequency you determine (daily, weekly, monthly etc). Set the transfer to take funds from your everyday checking account and deposit them into a high yield savings or money market account earning a nationally competitive interest rate.
Online Bill Payment – Manage your payments through M.Y. Safra Bank’s online bill pay where you can schedule payments to any vendor or person. Reduce time spent paying the same monthly bill by taking advantage of the recurring payment feature.

Select from M.Y. Safra Bank’s preregistered list of common vendors or input the vendor or person of your choice. Simply enter the name, payment amount and day you wish the expense to be paid – we take care of the rest.

For any vendor not on the preregistered list, input their information and M.Y. Safra Bank’s advanced bill pay system will automatically cut and mail a check on your behalf. Our commitment is ensuring your payment always arrives on time. If you need the check there tomorrow, consider our rush delivery option as well.1
Stop Payments – Request a stop-payment on an outstanding check that you no longer wish to be deposited. Utilize this feature in cases of overpayment, multiple checks, lost or stolen checks, and payments you wish to be canceled.

Check Reordering – Running low on checks? We make check reordering simple by including it on our online platform. Order up to ten boxes, of one hundred checks each, at any given time.
Account History – Log in to our online banking platform to view your most recent and historical statements. Generate simple time-period statements or more complex ones categorized by expense type.

Tax Information – Easily access all of your desired tax information right from the online platform.
Privacy and Controls – Our highly secure online banking platform exemplifies M.Y. Safra Bank’s commitment to keeping our clients’ information secure and private. To achieve this, the Bank has implemented an advanced system of data encryption and risk analysis. Customers are provided with optional transaction alerts, multi-factor authentication, and communication security features to ensure that their personal and banking information is kept safe.
Savings and CDs
Your savings are the core of your financial health. From regular savings to money market accounts to CDs, choose a solution to meet your short- and long-term investment goals, with nationally competitive rates that reward your confidence in us.
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