Currencies & Precious Metals

Whether for international travel or alternative investment, M.Y. Safra Bank’s currency conversion and precious metal options help you prepare for your global adventures and capture the advantages of gold’s sustained value.
Headquartered in New York City, M.Y. Safra Bank is adept at processing foreign exchange requests and precious metals purchases.

Currency Conversion - Foreign Currency Banknotes

M.Y. Safra Bank offers clients the convenience of foreign banknote currency conversion, whether exchanging USD to a foreign currency prior to a trip, or a foreign currency to USD upon your return. Foreign Currency Banknotes can be converted by visiting the Bank’s Park Avenue branch.

M.Y. Safra Bank offers the following currencies for conversion:
  • European Euro – EUR
  • Great Britain Pound – GBP
  • Canadian Dollar – CAD
  • Israeli Shekel – ILS
For currencies not listed, please contact the Bank at least 3 Business Days in advance.

Gold Coins

M.Y. Safra Bank offers clients official United States Mint American Eagle Gold Coins. Gold coins are widely accepted as a protection against inflation, and are commonly used for portfolio diversification. These coins may also serve as memorable gifts for celebratory life events such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and birthdays.
  • Available in fractional amounts of ¼-ounce, ½-ounce, and 1-ounce coins
  • Required minimum purchase order of $1,000
  • Payments can only be made from available funds in a M.Y. Safra Bank checking or savings account
  • Shipping is available for an additional fee
Private Banking
Our dedicated team of Private Bankers provides the enhanced personal attention that clients deserve. The team develops relationships with clients to offer customized services, advantageous loan and deposit rates and tailored product offerings. 
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