Select from one of M.Y. Safra Bank’s sophisticated financial calculators to breakdown the complex decisions you make today and better understand the outcomes of tomorrow. Use these calculators to develop a savings goal, visualize your monthly mortgage payments, and evaluate the return on your investment in a long term Certificate of Deposit.

Savings, Taxes and Inflation

Determine the true value of your savings by considering the impact of taxes and inflation. Create a detailed report with this calculator to analyze the annual results of your savings.

Savings Goal Calculator

What is the best way to achieve your next savings goal? How much needs to be saved and for how long? With this calculator, you can project your monthly contributions to meet your goal on time, or how much to increase your contributions to reach your goal ahead of schedule. Utilize M.Y. Safra Bank’s nationally competitive interest rates to help conquer your next financial milestone.

Certificate of Deposit Calculator

Earn a greater return on your investment in a CD by maintaining your money on deposit for the full term. Insert your initial deposit, term, and interest rate, to see how much you can earn and the CD’s annual percentage yield (APY).

Mortgage Loan Calculator

By simply entering the mortgage amount, term, and interest rate, determine your monthly or annual payment and generate an estimated payoff schedule. This calculator demonstrates how much you may pay in interest and your projected ending principal balance. Also, consider the impact that early principal prepayments can have on your mortgage.

Mortgage Qualifier

Knowing your budget is the first step when shopping for a home. Find out how much money you can borrow, based on various input options available with this calculator.