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About Us

M.Y. Safra Bank is founded on principles and values that continue more than 150 years of Safra family tradition in international banking Ė respect for clients and their culture, trust and integrity, safety and reliability.

We recognize and respect that clients are intelligent, successful and time pressured. They value a bank that listens, is straightforward and professional, and provides high quality standard banking services with customized personal service touches.

We are completely dedicated to creating a distinctive and superior banking experience for our clients. We do so by bringing together a high level of focus, expertise, and professional capability, particularly in the international arena, while providing our clients with the personalization and flexibility that comes from local decision making and community involvement.

Depending on the complexity and scope of client financial needs, M.Y. Safra Bank will be either an attractive full service alternative or a high touch, personalized complement to larger financial service provider relationships. In all cases, our firmís culture will be one of immediate and responsive problem solving that is sensitive to client needs.

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